Saturday, December 08, 2012

Sports Center Saturday: The Karate Student

In December 2007, my son Nicholas, a brown belt, was preparing for his black belt in Isshin Ryu karate, which he subsequently received a few weeks later in January 2008. Here he is  practising towards that goal at our local dojo.

Nicholas Demoskoff Isshin Ruy karate student with Sai
Nicholas (center) and students with their Sai.

Nicholas Demoskoff Isshin Ryu karate student
Nicholas executing a high block.

Nicholas Demoskoff Isshin Ryu karate student
Nicholas with his Bo.

Nicholas began studying Isshin Ryu karate (a martial arts style that originated in Okinawa) in the summer of 2001. He continued taking lessons until he reached 2nd degree black belt level in January 2010.

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