Friday, May 03, 2013

12 Sessions in 4 Days! My choices for the upcoming NGS conference

Inspired by Randy Seaver’s post, My Target NGS 2013 Conference Sessions - Wednesday, 8 May, in which he shares the conference sessions he’d like to attend on the first day of the NGS 2013 Family History Conference, I’ve created an outline of my session choices for all four days.

Although I’m not an official NGS blogger like Randy, I'll try to blog an article or two and maybe even include some photos while at the Conference.

My list shows the dates, the times, the track numbers, the session titles and, in parentheses, the speakers.

Wednesday, May 8th

11 AM – W121: Debunking Misleading Records (Thomas W. Jones)

2:30 PM – W142: The Genealogical Proof Standard in Action: Case Building When No Record States an Answer (Elizabeth Shown Mills)

Thursday, May 9th

8 AM – T202: Maximizing Your Use of Evidence (Thomas W. Jones)

2:30 PM – T241: Information Overload? Effective Project Planning, Research, Data Management, and Analysis (Elizabeth Shown Mills)

Friday, May 10th

8 AM – F302: Kinship Determination: Are They Really My Ancestors? (Kay Haviland Freilich)

9:30 AM – F312: Trousers, Beds, Black Domestic, Tacks, and Housekeeping Bills: “Trivial Details” Can Solve Research Problems! (Elizabeth Shown Mills)

11 AM – F322: Strategy for Research Success: How to Analyze Your Evidence and Plan Your Next Step (Sharon Tate Moody)

4 PM – F352: Planning “Reasonably Exhaustive” Research (Thomas W. Jones)

Saturday, May 11th

8 AM – S401: Baker’s Dozen Steps to Writing Research Reports (Elissa Scalise Powell)

11 AM – S421: Proof Arguments: How and Why? (Warren Bittner)

2:30 PM – S443: From Blackstone to Statutes at Large – How Knowing the Law Makes Us Better Genealogists (Judy G. Russell)

4 PM – S451: Enough is Enough! Or is it? (Pamela Boyer Sayer)

That's a total of 12 sessions in 4 days! I hope that's not too ambitious for a first-timer and that my energy lasts the whole Conference!

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