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Ancestral Anniversaries for June 2013

From October to December last year, I posted articles about some of my ancestors’ life events that marked an anniversary in 2012. I’m continuing this series by presenting a selection of ancestral events for 2013.

4 June 1793:
Marriage of Etienne Bouvret (Beauvais) and Marie Desanges Guyon (Dion) in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, Terrebonne County, Quebec. Etienne, a farmer, and Marie Desanges were blessed with eleven children, born in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines between 1794 and 1818. Their youngest surviving son, Charles, is my maternal ancestor.

6 June 1713:
Birth of Thérèse Boutillet in L’Ange-Gardien, Montmorency County, Quebec. Her father Jacques Boutillet was originally from Bordeaux, France, while her Marguerite Verreau was born in Château-Richer. Thérèse married Louis Huot in 1778 in Terrebonne, Terrebonne County, Quebec. They are my maternal ancestors.

10 June 1653:
Capture of Pierre Gareman dit Le Picard (along with his son Charles) by the Iroquois Oneiouts at Cap-Rouge, near Quebec City. Pierre’s date and place of death are unknown, but his son Charles, who married an Iroquois, was still alive in 1677. Pierre was originally from Bagneux, Picardie, France, where he married Madeleine Charlot about 1628. They are my paternal and maternal ancestors. (I have two lines of descent from them.)

14 June 1653:
Baptism of Jean Quenneville (Quesneville) in Rouen, Normandie, France. He was a son of Pierre Quenneville and Jeanne Sacquespée, who did not come to Canada. Jean married in Montreal in 1674 Denise Marié, a fille du Roi, who arrived in 1673. Jean, who was enumerated in 1681 in Montreal, was a master tailor. He and Denise had eleven children; they are my paternal ancestors.

24 June 1703:
Death of Paul Vachon in Beauport, near Quebec City. He was buried there the next day. Paul was originally from the province of Poitou in France. By trade, he was a mason, but he is probably better known as a notary, who worked in various seigneuries, like Beauport and Ile d’Orléans, from about 1658 until he retired in 1693. Paul and his wife Marguerite Langlois, whom he married in 1653 in Quebec City, are my paternal and maternal ancestors. (Like Pierre Gareman dit Le Picard and Madeleine Charlot, above, I have two lines of descent from this set of ancestors.)

29 June 1713:
Birth of Jean-Baptiste Cassé (Lacasse) in Beaumont, Bellechasse County, Quebec. A son of Charles Cassé (Lacasse) and Françoise Paquet, he was baptized in Beaumont the following day. Jean-Baptiste married Barbe Labelle in 1739 St-François-de-Sales, Laval County. They are my maternal ancestors.

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