Friday, July 05, 2013

Friday Photo: All Bundled Up

On the first two Fridays of each month, I showcase a family photo and answer the “who, what, when, where and why” of that picture. The first week’s Friday photo is taken from my side of the family and the second week’s Friday is chosen from my husband’s side of the family. (I got the idea for this column from Amy Coffin’s ebook The Big Genealogy Blog Book advertised on her The We Tree Genealogy Blog.)

Maurice Belair in 1928
Maurice Belair, 1928

My father Maurice Belair.

Dad bundled up in a winter sled.

Winter 1928.

Presumably Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where Dad was born in August 1927.

Dad looks like he was about 6-8 months old in this picture. He’s all bundled up against the cold with blankets (the top one reminds me of a sheepskin rug), so it was probably the winter of 1928, between January and March.

I love this photo of my Dad as a baby. It’s very special to me, because it’s the earliest one of him that exists and I see a strong resemblance between him as an infant and myself as a little girl.

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