Friday, September 06, 2013

Funeral Card Friday: Elizabeth Vanasse

Elizabeth Vanasse (1861-1947) funeral card
Front and back of memorial record

This lovely memorial record was printed for the funeral of my paternal great-grandmother Elizabeth (Vanasse) Vanasse. Folded, it measures 14 cm x 8 cm (approximately 5½“ x 3¼”). My aunt Joan (one of Elizabeth’s granddaughters) sent me the booklet with other family memorabilia in late 1987.

Elizabeth Vanasse (1861-1947) funeral card
Inside text of memorial card

My great-grandparents Elizabeth and Olivier Vanasse, who married in July 1889 in Chapeau, Pontiac County, Quebec, were first cousins. They had nine children, including my grandmother Julie.

Elizabeth passed away on 1 September 1947 in Ottawa, where she lived after Olivier’s death. The funeral was held there two days later, followed by interment in the cemetery of St-Alphonsus of Liguori (Roman Catholic) church in Chapeau, where she lived most of her life.

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