Thursday, November 06, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday: The Wool Dress

Front view of child's wool plaid-patterned dress

I used to wear this dress when I was a child. I had forgotten about it until a few months ago when my sister Marianne and I were talking on the telephone. During our conversation, she mentioned that she found one of our childhood dresses among her things. From her description, I was pretty sure I knew which one it was. A few days later, she very generously gave it to me.

Recently, I asked our Mom where she bought this pretty little dress. I thought it might have been from the Sears or Eaton’s mail-order catalogue, but Mom said that she probably got it from Bucovetsky’s, a department store in our hometown.
Back view of child's wool plaid-patterned dress

Marianne and I would have worn our jumper (as we called this style of dress) with a blouse or turtleneck during the fall and winter months, because it’s made of wool. There’s no fabric content tag, but since it feels “itchy”, it’s probably 100% wool.

The unlined dress measures about 66 cm (26”) long from shoulder to hem and about 35.5 cm (14”) wide at the waist. The size isn’t marked, but I suspect it’s an 8-10.

The sleeveless, collarless dress is in an orange, black and taupe plaid pattern.* The bodice features a high round neckline, a left front pocket, and side darts. The drop waist has a box-pleated skirt. There is a back zipper.

* Do any of my readers know if this style of pattern is known as “Border Check” or “Border Tartan”?

Overall, the dress is in really good, clean condition (no tears, holes or stains), although the hem has come slightly undone inside in some places.

I looked through my and my sister’s photo albums and didn’t find a single instance of either of us in this dress. It was then that I recalled I had scanned lots of pictures belonging to my Aunt Joan when I visited her this past May during my trip to Ontario. I checked those scans and was thrilled to find an example of me wearing my dress.

Yvonne with her cousin Pauline

The above photo shows my cousin Pauline (second from left) at her birthday party in 1967 or 1968. I’m on the far right, and look about 9 or 10 years old. It’s a wonderful (and possibly only) reminder of the days when I used to wear this wool dress.

One last thing: I did a quick search on the Internet for the company that made or sold my dress. Here’s an image of the label:

Dress label

All I seem to get from the search results, though, are clothing stores in Manhattan, New York. If anyone knows if Manhattan Children’s Wear is a U.S. or a Canada company, I’d appreciate a line.

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