Monday, September 03, 2012

Family History Through the Alphabet – Q is for…

It’s the first time I participate in the weekly “Family History Through the Alphabet – Q is for…” challenge at Genealogy & History News. While thinking about what I could say for this post, I thought about different ‘Q’ words that apply to genealogy.

Then it came to me: Q is for ... quiet.

Genealogy is a quiet pastime. A lot of my work as a genealogist and family historian is done in a quiet manner, especially when I’m in a library, an archive, or in a church. My mind might be buzzing with activity before I enter those places (have I got all my notes? have I turned off the sound on my cellphone? have I remembered to bring change for the copy machine?), but once I walk through the doors and find my way to the room or floor in question, I become quiet. I become quiet not only when I speak to the help desk personnel, but I become quiet in my demeanor by being mindful of the other researchers around me. There are even times when I find that my mind and thoughts become quiet as if the research process has a calming influence on me. I definitely appreciate quiet at times like these, because it’s so helpful and beneficial to the search and research process.

Copyright © 2012, Yvonne Demoskoff


  1. Yvonne, welcome to the Alphabet Challenge ;-) ... it so great to have you join us. I love your Q topic too. Quiet is so applicable us genies, well at least until we hit jackpot (maybe not so much then), but it is 'our' time to find 'our' family.

  2. Thanks for the welcome, Alona! I look forward to the remainder of the alphabet!