Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Your Family and Genealogy

It’s time for another mission from Saturday Night Genealogy Fun at Genea-Musings. Tonight, Randy asks his readers to:

1)  Tell us how your family members (parents, children, grandchildren, spouse, siblings, cousins, aunts/uncles, etc.) react to your genealogy addict er, hobb, er, interests!  Do they accept it, cooperate with you, listen to your experiences and accomplishments, or not?

2)  Do you have any funny stories about your family members' interest in or with genealogy?  Tell us!

3)  Share your report in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blog post, in a Facebook status post, or a Google+ stream post.

Here’s how I did.

1) My family (mother and siblings) listen when I talk about genealogy, ask one or two questions, and then move on to something else. They are interested, but it’s not a priority with them to be too involved with my genealogy research.

On the other hand, my late father Maurice was always interested in what I did. He’d ask questions, make comments and offer suggestions. He especially liked it when I told him I had worked on his maternal side of the family, because as a child, he knew them more than he did his father’s side.

As for my husband Michael, well, he’s in a class of his own. I mean, Michael is my research helper when I go to archives and libraries, is my companion when I go looking for long-lost relatives in distant cemeteries and is happy to help out at the local genealogy club. Why, he even signs up as a participant when I attend out-of-town genealogy conferences and seminars. How great is that? Michael is really a true blue supporter of me and my genealogy research!

2) This one is tougher; I can’t think of a funny story about my family’s interest in genealogy.

3) I’ve shared in my blog; mission accomplished!

Thanks, Randy, for another great SNGF activity!

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  1. I loved your post Yvonne. I've not worked out whether lack of family engagement is lack of interest or that they think there's no room for them. donuts like you've got a built in cheer squad at home with Mixhael. I'm the same with Mr Cassmob and aren't they gold!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Pauleen. Michael is indeed gold!