Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Travel Tuesday: Quebec City

In June 1975, my high school’s senior band (in which I played second clarinet) went on a trip to Quebec City. I was in Grade 12 and about to graduate in a couple of weeks. What an amazing trip it was. We were there for about a week or so as guests of the music department of Ecole Missionnaire Sacré Coeur. We played pieces conducted by our teacher and by EMSC’s music teachers, then jammed together as one large band. We also had plenty of time for touring and exploring Canada’s only walled city.

Montmorency Falls near Quebec City, 1975. (That’s part of our group
in the lower right hand corner of the photo.)

Although I was interested in genealogy at that age and had started to accumulate some notes and family memorabilia, I didn’t really know a lot about where my ancestors lived in the province of Quebec. I knew where my grandparents were born and raised, but that was about all. I had a vague idea that other, distant ancestors must have lived in Quebec City, but as I took in the sights, I couldn’t name them if I tried.

It wasn’t until some years later that I found out just how deep my roots went in Quebec City. For example, my maternal ancestors Louis Hébert, his wife and their three children arrived here in 1617 (they were the first French family to settle permanently in Quebec); my maternal ancestors Jean and Mathurine (Robin) Guyon arrived here in July 1634; my maternal ancestress Marguerite Langlois (wife of Paul Vachon) was baptised here in September 1639; my paternal ancestress Marguerite Petitpas (wife of Etienne Sevestre) died here in September 1640; my paternal ancestress Marie Marguerie arrived here in 1641 as a fille à marier (a "marriageable girl", a precursor to the filles du roi or King’s Daughters); and my maternal ancestor Médard Chouart, sieur des Groseilliers married his first wife Hélène Martin here in September 1647.

Monument of Samuel de Champlain near Château Frontenac
in Quebec City, 1975.

Marie de l’Incarnation monument in the garden of the
Ursuline Convent in Quebec City, 1975. (That’s me in the white hat.)

One day, I’ll go back to Quebec City and this time, I’ll go prepared with my genealogy notes!

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  1. Isn't Quebec City gorgeous? I've gone almost every year since I was born to visit relatives.


    1. It definitely is, Linda! That 1975 trip was my only time in Quebec City, but it certainly made an impression on me.

  2. thanks for sharing...