Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Genealogy Time Machine

Nick Gombash, at Nick Gombash’s Genealogy Blog, recently posted an article about his “absolute top three choices of who, when, where and why I would go back in time”. Take a look at which ancestors he chose in Genealogy Time Machine

A personal genealogy time machine sounds like fun! Here are my choices (two of my ancestors and one of my husband's).

Who: François Janvry dit Belair
When: 1759
Where: New France
Why: I’d like to know when and where my 4x great-grandfather was born in France. I’d also ask him what it was like to be a soldier in the Seven Years War and if he fought at the Battle of Quebec on the Plains of Abraham when it fell to the British in September 1759.

Who: Eugène Desgroseilliers
When: 1930s
Where: Ontario, Canada
Why: I’d like to ask my maternal grandfather how he went from being a simple farmer in the 1920s to chief of police in the 1930s. According to his daughters, it was because of his imposing height (he was 6’7”). Did his height really have something to do with getting this job or did he have other qualifications? I’d also like to see the medal he received at this time for being the youngest chief of police.

Who: Michael Demofsky
When: 1899
Where: Saskatchewan, Canada
Why: I’d like to ask my husband’s paternal great-grandfather if his surname was really Konkin before he changed it to Demofsky to avoid the draft in tsarist Russia. I’d also like to know when and where he was born and who were his parents and his wife. (They stayed behind in Russia and their names are lost to their descendants.) Finally, I’d ask him on what date and on what ship did he sail to Canada. (Tradition has it that he immigrated in May 1899 on the “Lake Superior”, but his name does not appear on the ship’s manifest.)

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