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Ancestral Anniversaries for November 2012

Last month, I posted an article about some of my ancestors' life events that marked an anniversary in October 2012. Continuing with that theme, here is a selection of ancestral events for November 2012.

6 November 1752:
Marriage of Joseph Meunier and Marie-Joseph (Marie-Charlotte) Bussière in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Portneuf County, Quebec. The couple later moved to L'Assomption County, where Marie-Joseph died in 1807 and Joseph died in 1809. They are my paternal ancestors.

9 November 1642:
Baptism of Cybard Courault, sieur de La Coste in Angoulême, Angoumois, France. He arrived in Canada by at least 1670, because that year on 2 November he and his wife Françoise Goupil drew up a marriage contract in Quebec City. Cybard and Françoise are my maternal ancestors.

11 November 1742:
Marriage contract between Marc-François Carré and Marie Josèphe Paré drawn up by notary Joseph Jacob fils. The couple married eight days later in St-Joachim, near Quebec City. Marc-François, who was born in Brittany, France, was a merchant mercer. He and Marie Josèphe are my maternal ancestors.

22 November 1592:
Birth of Antoine Crête (Creste) in Tourouvre, Perche, France. Antoine, who did not immigrate to Canada, was a charron (cartwright or wheelwright). He and his first wife Jeanne Legrand are my paternal ancestors.

26 November 1762:
Birth of Marie Louise Giroux in Lachenaie, L'Assomption County, Quebec. She married Jean Baptiste Rose (Larose) in 1786. Marie Louise and Jean Baptiste are my paternal ancestors.

28 November 1692:
Death of Elisabeth Blais in Quebec City. She was buried there the same day at the Hôtel-Dieu (hospital). Elisabeth, originally from Paris, France, arrived in the colony in 1669 as a fille du roi (king's daughter). She and her second husband Vincent Guillot are my paternal ancestors.

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