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12 Genealogy Mysteries I’d Like to Solve

Randy Seaver of GeneaMusings posted earlier today his 12 Genealogy Mysteries I'd Like to Solve. He got the idea from 12/12/12 Twelve Genealogy Questions that he saw on Leaves & Branches blog by Colleen Pasquale.

I decided to give this prompt a try with my ancestors, because, like Randy says, “Maybe someone will read it and know the answer, or provide the clue needed to solve the problem and answer your question”.

Here are the 12 genealogy mysteries I’d like to solve:

1) In which munitions factories or shipyards in the USA did my paternal grandfather Fred Belair (1889-1991) work during World War I? Many years ago, my grandfather Fred told me about this work, but he never specified where or for which employers.

2) What circumstances led my maternal grandfather Eugene Desgroseilliers (1900-1960) to go from being a modest farmer in Moonbeam, Ontario in the 1920s to chief of police of Hearst, Ontario in the 1930s?

3) Is “Pierre Vrille”, who was buried on 28 December 1848 in Pointe-Gatineau, Gatineau County, Quebec, the same man as Pierre Janvry dit Belair, who died between 1845 and 1851? Unfortunately, Pierre’s burial record doesn’t indicate the name of his wife, which would help identify him. I suspect that “Vrille” is a phonetic (mis)spelling for Janvry (Jeanvri).

4) When and where was Louise (Eloise) Drouin (Derouin) born? She was the daughter of Pierre Drouin and Marie Reine Poirier dit Desloges. According to her baptismal record (created over a year after her birth), she was born about July 1835 somewhere in Upper Canada (now the province of Ontario), where her father worked for a time.

5) Where did brothers Olivier and Joseph Vanasse live from the time they were adolescents in the 1840s in Yamaska County, Quebec and when they were adults in the 1850s in Pontiac County, Quebec? They aren’t at home in Yamaska County on the 1851 census and they can’t be located on that same census for Pontiac County because the records are lost or missing.

6) Who are the parents of Toussaint Laronde (about 1783-?), who married his first cousin Marie Kekijicakoe? Toussaint, who worked in the fur trade, is supposedly the son of Louis Denis de La Ronde by his Aboriginal wife Marie Madeleine Wosneswesquigigo.

7) When and where did Joseph Léveillé (born 1839) die? He was buried on 21 October 1922 in Limoges, Russell County, Ontario, according to the church burial record, which unfortunately doesn’t state the date or location of death. I searched for, but didn’t find, him in the death registration databases at and

8) When and where did Pierre Beauvais (born 1838) die? I know it was between 19 August 1895 (when his daughter Odile married) and 16 August 1897 (when his son Joseph married). A family source says he died in the autumn of 1896 in Chénéville, Papineau County, Quebec, but a search of this parish’s records did not yield his death or burial information.

9) When and where was Arline Deschatelets born? It was sometime between April 1844 and April 1847 in the province of Quebec, based on census records. A younger daughter of Joseph Deschatelets and his wife Angélique Caillé, Arline was possibly born in St-Jérôme, Terrebonne County or Montebello, Papineau County, Quebec, where her siblings were born before and after her.

10) Who are the parents of Michel Frappier? He was born about 1794, according to his age at death. He might be a son of Antoine Frappier and his wife Josephte Neveu of St-Cuthbert, Berthier County, Quebec. His marriage record leaves out the name of his parents and his usual place of residence.

11) Who are the parents of Louise Neveu, wife of Michel Frappier? Their marriage record doesn’t indicate the name of her parents, nor her parish or place of residence. I don’t even know when or where she was born. I do know that she was living in 1836 in or near Ile des Allumettes in Pontiac County, Quebec.

12) When and where did Olive Huot (born 1815) die? She married as his first wife Charles Bouvet (Beauvais) in 1835 in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, Terrebonne County, Quebec. Despite my searches, I haven’t found Olive’s date and place of death or burial. She died on or after 25 July 1840 when her daughter Céline was born in St-Jérôme, Terrebonne County, Quebec, but before 28 January 1846 when her husband’s child Philomène by his second wife was born in Montebello, Papineau County, Quebec.

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