Monday, January 14, 2013

Matrilineal Monday: Fred Belair

Like my maternal grandfather Eugène Desgroseilliers’ matrilineal line, my paternal grandfather Fred Belair’s matrilineal line is relatively long: it extends 11 generations. His matrilineal ancestry reaches back to the early 1600s to his 8x great-grandmother Jeanne Charas.

Jeanne and her husband Pierre (Le) Camus, a merchant, did not immigrate to New France (Canada), unlike their daughter Elisabeth (Le) Camus. Elisabeth, who was from the parish of St-Sauveur in Paris, arrived as an unmarried woman in Montreal on 29 September 1659. Within one month, she married Louis Guertin, a shoemaker, originally from the province of Anjou, France.

Fred Belair's Matrilineal Ancestry:

1. Fred Belair (1889-1991)
m. 1926 Julie (Julia) Vanasse

2. Angélina Meunier (1855-1896)
m. 1879 Pierre Janvry dit Belair

3. Louise (Eloise) Drouin (1835-1890)
m. 1853 Ménésippe Meunier

4. Marie Reine Poirier (1806-1892)
m. 1829 Pierre Drouin

5. Marie Louise Rochon (1781-1835)
m. 1800 Joseph Poirier

6. Marie Louise Cadieux (1762-1813)
m. 1781 Augustin Rochon

7. Marie Louise Brazeau (1742-1764)
m. 1762 Pierre Cadieux

8. Angélique Handgrave (1695-1778)
m. 1714 Gabriel Brazeau

9. Marie Guertin (1662-1712)
m. 1675 Pierre Handgrave (Andegrave)

10. Elisabeth (Le) Camus (ca 1645-1680)
m. 1659 Louis Guertin

11. Jeanne Charas (or Charles)
m. Pierre (Le) Camus

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  1. These dates just amaze me! What history!

    1. I'm pretty amazed too, Karen, that I can reach that far back in my family history!

  2. WOW!!! Wonderful!!!... and amazing research.