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Ancestral Anniversaries for February 2013

For the past few months, I’ve posted articles about some of my ancestors' life events that marked an anniversary in 2012; see Ancestral Anniversaries for October 2012, November 2012 and December 2012. I’m continuing this series by presenting a selection of ancestral events for 2013; see Ancestral Anniversaries for January 2013.

3 February 1653:
Baptism of Anne Elisabeth de Tarragon in Trancrainville, in Orléanais, France. Her father Loup de Tarragon, a squire and a lord, was a descendant of Juan Darragon, who left his native Spain for France in the early 1400s. Anne came to Canada about 1671 as a fille du roi, one of over 700 women sponsored by the King of France (hence, “King’s daughter”) who immigrated to Canada between 1663 and 1673 in order to marry and help populate the French colony. She married Gilles Couturier dit Labonté, a soldier originally from Brittany, France, in about 1676. They are my paternal ancestors.

4 February 1863:
Birth of Olivier Vanasse in Chapeau, Pontiac County, Quebec. The youngest of six children, he was the son of Olivier Vanasse and Anne Isabelle (Elisabeth) Frappier. Olivier, a farmer, married his first cousin Elisabeth Vanasse, in July 1889 in Chapeau. They had nine children; their younger daughter Julie Vanasse is my paternal grandmother.

7 February 1763:
Marriage of François Bray and Marie-Geneviève Lalonde in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, near Montreal, Quebec. Three days earlier, the couple had entered into a notarized marriage contract. François was 21 years old and Marie-Geneviève had just celebrated her 17th birthday. They were married for 43 years. François and Marie-Geneviève are my paternal ancestors.

11 February 1883:
Death of Narcisse Lepage in St-Louis-de-Gonzague, Beauharnois County, Quebec. Buried there two days later, Narcisse left a widow, Flavie Lepage, whom he married in 1847. The couple had a large family, 9 sons and 5 daughters. They are my maternal ancestors.

23 February 1623:
Baptism of Guillaume Landry in La Ventrouze, near Tourouvre, Perche, France. Son of Mathurin Landry (a master tailor) and Damiane Desavis, Guillaume immigrated to Canada and was in Quebec by October 1656. Three years later, he married Gabrielle Barré, originally from La Rochelle, Aunis, France. They are my paternal ancestors.

28 February 1733:
Death of Jean Guyon, probably in St-François, on Ile d’Orléans, Quebec. He was the eldest child and first son of Claude and Catherine (Colin) Guyon, French immigrants. By his wife Marie Pépin, herself daughter of French immigrants, he had eleven children (4 sons and 7 daughters). He was buried four days later, on 1 March 1733 in St-François, where he had lived most of his life. He and his wife are my maternal ancestors.

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