Friday, March 08, 2013

Friday Photo: Mother and Son

On the first two Fridays of each month, I showcase a family photo and answer the “who, what, when, where and why” of that picture. The first week’s Friday photo is taken from my side of the family and the second week’s Friday photo is chosen from my husband’s side of the family. (I got the idea for this column from Amy Coffin’s ebook The Big Genealogy Blog Book advertised on her The We Tree Genealogy Blog.)

Michael Demoskoff with his mother Ann in about 1954
Michael with his mother Ann, about 1954
My husband Michael and his mother Ann.

Michael and Ann pose by the side of their house. He recognizes the tall rain barrel next to his bedroom window, the smaller pantry window (in the top left of the picture), and a basement window at ground level by his feet. He’s not sure why there’s a door leaning against the house, though.

Michael appears to be about 10-14 months old, so the photo was taken in late 1953 or early 1954.

Mother and son were photographed at their family farm, north of Pelly, Saskatchewan.

It looks like a nice sunny day, so Michael’s parents (with father Bill probably taking the picture) thought it was a good time for an outdoor photo of their only son.

Michael loves this picture, because it brings back fond memories of his childhood and how much he enjoyed the clean, wholesome life he, his younger sister and their parents had at their farm. I love this photo, too, because it’s a rare picture of Michael as an infant.

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  1. Love this photo! Seeing the rain barrel brought back fond memories of seeing these at several of my relatives homes.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. The rain barrel water was used to water the family's vegetable garden.

  2. What a great way to format your story. Gets you organized, and catches attention. Hope your family appreciates all the effort you put into this :)
    Kassie aka "Mom"

    1. I've gained a new appreciation for my family photo collection since I've started examining the "five Ws" of various pictures. Thanks for commenting, Kassie!