Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Travel Tuesday: The Cat and the Reindeer

My husband’s maternal uncle Philip Cazakoff (later Casacove) worked as a welder in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. On his way there one summer’s day in 1943, he picked up a postcard of Jasper National Park. (That cat certainly looks upset at being disturbed by one of the Park’s reindeer, doesn’t it?)

Postcard of Jasper National Park
"Playmates in Jasper Park" postcard (front view)
The card is addressed to his sister Ann, which is postmarked Edmonton, Alberta with a cancelled King George VI, 3 cents stamp.

Philip (1911-1976) and Ann (1926-1980) were the children of George and Polly (Poznekoff) Cazakoff, who lived on a farm in the Rural Municipality of St. Philips, near Kamsack, Saskatchewan.

Postcard of Jasper National Park
"Playmates in Jasper Park" postcard (rear view)
The postcard reads:

3 P.M.
Aug 17/43

Dear Sis:

Though weary and sore / but still in one piece / have one and a half hrs. / to roam the streets till train time for [Prince] Rupert.

Your Brother

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  1. Interesting post and fun postcard Yvonne... thanks. Catherine

  2. Replies
    1. I'm glad that my late mother-in-law kept this postcard all these years. I've enjoyed using it for my blog. Thanks for commenting, Betty!

  3. Not the usual pretty picture postcard.

    1. I agree, Colleen! That's one of the reasons I liked this postcard - its unexpected picture.