Monday, July 08, 2013

Matrilineal Monday: William Demoskoff

Last September, I posted my husband Michael’s short, four generation matrilineal line.

Today, I post his father Bill’s matrilineal line, which is even shorter – it’s only three generations.

It’s a challenge to be able to find my husband and his family’s ancestors, especially since his grandparents immigrated to Canada from Tsarist Russia in 1899.

William Demoskoff’s Matrilineal Ancestry:

1. William Demoskoff (b. 1914)
m. 1952 Ann Cazakoff (1926-1980)

2. Luchenia (Lukeria) Tomelin (1885-1960)
m. ca 1903 Wasyl Demosky (1883-1933)

3. Maria Terichow (ca 1865-after ca 1911)
m. ca 1884 Nicholas D. Tomelin (ca 1863-ca 1926)

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