Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Blog on the Block

I've created a new blog called Doukhobor Photos.

It’s where I feature pictures from my father-in-law William (Bill) Demoskoff’s family albums that he gave us about three years ago.

Pop wasn’t taking any more pictures (he was, after all, 96 years old) and he decided that we would become the caretaker of his snapshots, some of which went back as early as the 1910s. All (or almost all) are of Doukhobor people – men, women and children – who lived in Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

My husband Michael and I thought what a great treasure to own and have enjoyed looking over all of these pictures, some of which he hadn’t seen in years or even knew they existed. The only problem, though, was many didn’t have any info such as names, dates or locations, and of the ones that had names, Michael didn’t know who these people were.

It was a shame to keep the pictures tucked away in an album, and we weren’t about to throw them away (no way could we do that), so after some thought, I decided to scan them and put them out there on a blog in case someone can help identify the people, the locations or the events behind the photos.

I hope you’ll drop by at Doukhobor Photos!

Copyright © 2013, Yvonne Demoskoff.

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