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Ancestral Anniversaries for August 2013

From October to December last year, I posted articles about some of my ancestors’ life events that marked an anniversary in 2012. I’m continuing this series by presenting a selection of ancestral events for 2013.

3 August 1613:
Marriage of Thomas Goulet and Antoinette Feuillard in Normandel, Perche, France. He worked as a miller in Perche in the 1640s. Neither Thomas nor his wife came to Canada, but their son Jacques and his half-sister Louise (Thomas’ daughter by his second wife) did. Jacques is my paternal ancestor, while Louise is my maternal ancestor.

8 August 1663:
Baptism of Jeanne Théodore in Montreal. She was the younger daughter of Michel Théodore dit Gilles by his wife Jacqueline LaGrange, immigrants from France. Jeanne was only ten months old when her father Michel was killed by the Iroquois. In 1676, when she was 13, Jeanne married Pierre Hogue, a widower with two young sons. Jeanne and Pierre are my paternal ancestors.

13 August 1763:
Death of Augustin Merlot in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, near Montreal. Augustin, who was 39 years old, was survived by his wife Marie-Louise Aumay, whom he married in 1750. They are my paternal ancestors.

16 August 1733:
Birth of Marie Elisabeth Martel in St-Antoine-de-Tilly, Lotbinière County, Quebec. She was the eldest child of her parents Louis Martel and his first wife Marie Josèphe Légaré. Marie Elisabeth married twice: first, in 1750 to Pierre Jean Boileau, by whom she had four children and was widowed, and second, in 1761 to François Janvry dit Belair, a soldier originally from Picardie, France. Marie Elisabeth and François are my paternal ancestors.

21 August 1753:
Marriage of Valentin Cole and Marie Josèphe Martel in Ste-Croix, Lotbinière County, Quebec. Valentin was born about 1728 in Boston, Massachusetts. He took the name Jean-Baptiste when he was baptized a Roman Catholic a few months before his marriage. He and his wife are my maternal ancestors.

23 August 1683:
Birth of Elizabeth Price in Northampton, Massachusetts. Daughter of Robert Price and his wife Sara Webb, she lost her mother, a sister, and her husband Andrew Stevens when they were killed in the French-Indian raid on Deerfield in March 1704. Elizabeth and her brother Samuel were taken captive and brought to Canada. Two years later, she married in Montreal a soldier named Jean Fourneau dit Brindamour, who was originally from Limousin, France. They are my maternal ancestors.

24 August 1653:
Marriage of Médard Chouart, sieur des Groseilliers and his second wife Marguerite Hayet in Quebec City. Born in Champagne, France, Médard came to Canada in about 1641 and worked for the Jesuits among the Hurons. He and his brother-in-law Pierre Radisson are famous as explorers and coureurs de bois. My mother Jacqueline is a ninth generation descendant of Médard and Marguerite.

30 August 1773:
Marriage of Jean-Baptiste Charland dit Francoeur and Marie Geneviève Rouillard in Montreal. There was a nearly thirty years’ gap between them: Jean-Baptiste was almost 47 years old, while Marie Geneviève was only 17 when they married. Their first child, a son, was born two and half months after they married, and their eleventh and last child, Marguerite (my ancestor) was born fifteen years later in 1788. Jean-Baptiste and Marie Geneviève are my maternal ancestors.

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