Monday, September 02, 2013

The Book of Me – Prompt 1 – Who am I?

The Book of Me, Written By You is a newly-created project by Julie Goucher at Anglers Rest. You can participate in this 15-month-long activity at Julie's blog and at GeneaBloggers, where Thomas MacEntee explains that The Book of Me, Written By You is “a series of blogging and writing prompts that help family historians capture their own memories and write about themselves.” He adds that “members of GeneaBloggers and others are invited to either create a post at their blog or keep a written journal with their answers”. For more information, see here.

Prompt 1: Who Are You?

The prompt for week 1 is a recognized psychology test: Ask yourself 20 times “Who are you?” Each time you should give yourself a different answer, and if you can easily go beyond 20 entries then that is fine too. This prompt is about how YOU see YOU.

Here are my (26) answers, in no particular order, to “Who am I?”

I’m a daughter,
a wife,
a mother,
an aunt,
a godmother,
a sister-in-law,
a cat owner,
a researcher,
a blogger,
a dancer,
an historian,
a book lover,
a believer in God,
a monarchist,
a genealogist,
a crafter,
a writer,
an organizer,
a collector,
a recycler,
a mystery fan,
a music lover,
a reader,
a thinker,
a tourist,
a vinophile.

Copyright © 2013, Yvonne Demoskoff.


  1. Nice list Yvonne! Looks like this will be an interesting set of prompts, so I'll be following along and might join in from time to time.

    1. Thanks, Kathryn! I look forward to reading your take on the prompts :)