Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Photo: Visitors from BC

On the first two Fridays of each month, I showcase a family photo and answer the “who, what, when, where and why” of that picture. The first week’s Friday photo is taken from my side of the family and the second week’s Friday photo is chosen from my husband’s side of the family. (I got the idea for this column from Amy Coffin’s ebook The Big Genealogy Blog Book advertised on her The We Tree Genealogy Blog.)

Demoskoff and Cazakoff families gathered for a photo
Demoskoff and Cazakoff families, 1961

Front: Michael (left) and his sister Margaret. Back (left to right): Michael’s father Bill, his mother Ann, her mother Mrs. George Cazakoff, his aunt and uncle Edna and Nick Cazakoff.

My husband Michael poses with his parents, his sister, his maternal grandmother Polly, and his uncle Nick and wife Edna.

July 1961, according to the caption on the back of the photo.

Kamsack, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Michael and his family lived on a farm about 50 kilometres (30 miles) north of Kamsack. They came to his grandmother’s house in town to see his maternal uncle Nick and his new wife Edna. The couple, who had married the previous year in British Columbia, were in Saskatchewan on a visit to Nick’s mother and his brothers and sister. Nick’s brother Larry probably took the picture, as he lived at home with his widowed mother.

Michael loves this photo, because it was the first time he met his aunt Edna, who had recently married his uncle Nick. Edna was (and still is) a welcoming, caring and generous person.

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