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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - What is Your Birth Surname Henry Number?

It’s Saturday, so it's another Saturday Night Genealogy Fun at Genea-Musings!

Randy explains what the Henry [descendant numbering] System is all about, shows how he applied it to his ancestral surname, and then asks his readers to calculate the Henry number in their own ancestral family.

My results:

2) My first known ancestor with my birth surname of BELAIR who immigrated to Canada from France is François Janvry dit Belair (ca 1731-1817).

Here is my line with their Henry numbers*:

1 François Janvry dit Belair (ca 1731-1817)
1 6 Pierre Janvry dit Belair (1772-1848)
1 6 17 Paul Janvry dit Belair (1822-1902)
1 6 17 4 Pierre Janvry dit Belair (1851-1941)
1 6 17 4 7 Fred Belair (1889-1991)
1 6 17 4 7 1 Maurice Belair (1927-1996)
1 6 17 4 7 1 1 Yvonne Belair (me)

* I've inserted a space between the Henry numbers in order to see clearly a child's number position within his generation. 

3) I took my “Descendants of François Janvry dit Belair” 3-ring binder that contains my homemade family group sheets of all the Belair descendants I’ve found since I began researching my family tree in the 1970s. I kept track of everyone by numbering each descendant within each generation, but never really knew that this method had its own name (the Henry System) until I came across it some years ago.

Since I’m a sixth generation descendant of François, and my (Henry) numbers are already done in my binder, it was very easy to trace my line.

Two things stand out in this list of numbers and names. First, my grandfather’s grandfather was the 17th child of his father Pierre (1772-1848). His father married twice and had 14 children by his first wife and at least 10 children by his second wife. (That’s a lot of children!) Second, my father and I are the only eldest children of our parents in this list, the others being 6th, 17th, 4th and 7th children.

4) I’m done in my own blog post and I’ve left a comment at Genea-Musings!

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