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Ancestral Anniversaries for December 2013

From October to December last year, I posted articles about some of my ancestors’ life events that marked an anniversary in 2012. I’m continuing this series by presenting a selection of ancestral events for 2013.

I didn’t get around to posting my usual Ancestral Anniversaries for November 2013, but I’m able to do so for this month. The December 2013 installment of Ancestral Anniversaries, though, brings to a close this 15-month long series. I’ve really enjoyed searching my family database for the various vital events that took place each month. It also gave me a chance to see where I could improve or correct my notes.

3 December 1653:
Baptism of Barbe Neveu in Quebec City. The elder daughter of Jean Neveu and his wife Anne Ledet, Barbe married at the tender age of 13½ years old. Her husband, French immigrant Nicolas Sylvestre dit Champagne, was about 25 years old. Barbe and Nicolas had sixteen children and were married for almost 62 years. They are my maternal ancestors.

8 December 1703:
Baptism of Deborah Cole (Coal) in Montreal, Quebec. Formerly a Protestant, Deborah was named “Marie Madeleine” when she became a Roman Catholic. Her English surname is usually rendered in French as “Colle”. Deborah, who was born in 1698 in Beverly, north of Salem, Massachusetts, was brought to Canada in 1703 after being taken captive with her mother and sister in Saco, now in York County, Maine. She married widower Simon Séguin dit Ladéroute in Boucherville, Chambly County, Quebec in November 1715. Deborah and Simon are my maternal ancestors.

11 December 1653:
Marriage contract of Jacques Beauvais dit St-Gemme and Jeanne Soldé witnessed by French-born notary Raphaël-Lambert Closse in Ville-Marie (Montreal). The marriage ceremony took place there three weeks later in January 1654. Jacques and Jeanne were immigrants from the Perche and Anjou regions, respectively, of France. The couple was married for 37 years. I have three lines of descent from Jacques and Jeanne, which makes them my paternal and maternal ancestors.

20 December 1923:
Death of Louis Hotte in Chénéville, Papineau County, Quebec. Louis, a farmer, was the widower of Marguerite Lacasse, who predeceased him in 1907. The couple, who lived most of their lives in Papineau County, had eleven children, including Olivine, my great-grandmother. Louis and Marguerite are my maternal ancestors.

30 December 1893:
Death of Marie Josephte Messier in Yamaska, Yamaska County, Quebec. She was buried there on New Year’s Day 1894. Marie Josephte, also known as Josette, married Jean François Régis Vanasse in 1829 in the town of Yamaska. Most of their twelve children left the family home and settled in the U.S.A. I am descended from two of their sons, Olivier and Joseph, who remained in Canada, but moved to Pontiac County in Quebec. Régis and Josette are my paternal ancestors.

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