Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday’s Faces from the Past: Norma and Joan

Normande Desgroseilliers and Jeanne d'arc Desgroseilliers in 1955
Norma and Joan, 1955

This is a great photo of my beautiful aunts Normande and Jeanne d'arc Desgroseilliers, when they were both single.

It’s date-stamped “OCT 55”, but I believe it could have been taken anytime between the spring and fall of 1955.

Norma (on the left) and Joan (on the right) were the tallest of their sisters, measuring 6'. (Norma was only 18 years old and Joan 17, by the way, in this picture.)

They are walking on a street in Weston (now part of Toronto), Ontario, where my Mom and Dad lived in the mid-1950s after they first married.

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