Thursday, January 16, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday: The Concert Poster

Moscow State Symphony concert poster

This concert poster brings back such great memories of my high school years … dear friends, intelligent and caring teachers, and extra-curricular activities (school band trips).

Another bonus of high school was the fact that my school – Ecole Secondaire Thériault – as it was then known, had a fairly new auditorium that could host classy events like performances by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, La Sagouine (with Antonine Maillet), and the Wind Quintet of the Moscow State Symphony.

One day, my English teacher, Alan Jamieson, was placing posters on our school’s bulletin boards advertising the Moskquintet’s upcoming concert on behalf of the Overture Concert Association. What a thrill it would be to see this group on their first North American tour, I thought to myself, so I asked a music class friend, Donald Barrette, to join me.

As thrilling as that evening was, I don’t remember a single piece of music that was played. According to the little programme guide, which I also have (thank goodness for that, because my memory fails me), the Wind Quartet played Divertimento in Bb (Mozart), Eine Kleine Kammermusik, Op. 25 (Hindemith), Derevensky Suite (1975) (Svetlanov), Quintet (Francaix), and Three Short Pieces for Wind Quintet (Arnold).

I do remember, though, that I was brave enough to go up to the musicians after the concert and speak to them. I didn’t know Russian, but thankfully they all spoke some English. I quickly pulled an advertising poster off of a nearby wall, and got all the musicians’ autographs.

The musicians were Valentin Zverez (flute), Vladimir Sokolov (clarinet), Anatoly Lubimov (oboe), Boris Afanasiev (horn), and Sergei Krasavin (bassoon).

I kept the poster all these years in a spiral-bound scrapbook. The poster measures about 30 cm x 28 cm (about 13½” x 11½”).

Eight years later, I had the chance to see the Moscow State Symphony in concert during EXPO 86. My future husband Michael and I had season passes for EXPO, and since I had previously seen a portion of this Symphony, I took the opportunity to hear all of the orchestra when they played at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia in October 1986.

After the concert, Michael and I stood by the stage door waiting for the musicians. Imagine my excitement when I recognized the same oboist (he’s the second from the right on the poster) who played at my high school. I spoke with him for a few minutes, telling him about the time he and the Moskquintet played in Timmins.

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  1. Thanks for putting this poster online. I too saw them twice.

    1. That's wonderful! Did you see them in Timmins?

    2. Lethbridge, Alberta and Kingston, Ontario