Thursday, April 17, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday: The Bunny

Outside view of bunny art work
Outside view of Bunny

This darling bunny clutching a bouquet of bright tulips was coloured by me when I was in my first years of elementary school. That was between 1963 and 1966 when I was at St-Joseph in Timmins, Ontario, in Kindergarten, Grade 1 or Grade 2.

I assume I did this art work around Easter (bunny and tulips suggest spring-time). It measures 25 cm high by 20 cm wide (about 10” x 7 ½”). The colouring is a bit off in the images (above and below), making it appear yellower and darker than it is in real life.

Inside view of bunny art work
Inside view of Bunny

My teacher – she could have been Madame St-Jean (K), Mademoiselle Dagenais (G1) or Soeur Lorraine Marie, s.a.s.v. (G2) – recorded the letter grade I received for lessons and subjects like Notre Père [Our Father], Conversation, Observation, Compter [counting], Ecriture [writing], and Conduite [behavior]. She also printed my name on the bunny's tummy.

My mother kept this art work with a few other elementary school items for me in an old-fashioned scrapbook. When I re-discovered these childhood souvenirs a few years ago, I was really pleased to see how well they stood the test of time. (There was some minor rust on the bunny’s ears where a staple used to be, and the remains of Scotch tape on its little foot, for example.) I transferred the bunny and my other schoolwork to their own sheet protectors so that they could last even more years.

It’s a real treat to have something tangible from my early years. I’m so grateful that Mom considered these school mementos worth saving.

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