Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I’m Back from My Trip to Ontario

CN Tower
CN Tower (Toronto) seen in the distance

It’s been five days since I got back home from my trip to Ontario. I’ve caught up with the laundry, but I’m still viewing emails and reading assorted blog posts that I missed while I was away from my PC.

My husband, our son and I had a terrific holiday. We visited relatives and friends in four towns in ten days, and if I had to do it again, I would set a slower pace or allow more time. I had planned a certain amount of work for myself, and got it mostly done.

Snow on rental car in Timmins Ontario
Snow on our rental car (Timmins)

We ran into all kinds of weather while in Ontario, from rain when we landed at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport on May 13th, to snow when we arrived in Timmins on May 15th, to sun when we visited London on May 19th.

Everyone was so kind, welcoming, generous and helpful during our stay. I last saw some cousins and aunts anywhere from 24 to 31 years ago, so it was exciting to arrive at their homes but emotional to leave when we had make our way to the next town.

Lock 21 in Peterborough Ontario
Lock 21 (Peterborough)

We didn’t get to tour everything on our list (in retrospect, it was pretty ambitious), but some of what we saw include the CN Tower (although we didn’t go to the top) and the CBC Radio-Canada Museum in downtown Toronto, Lock 21 in Peterborough, and museums and cemeteries in Timmins. While here, I ran into an old family friend, Nicole Gauthier, as I was getting out of the car at the Timmins Public Library. We hadn’t seen each other since a few years before my family left Ontario for British Columbia in 1979. What an unexpected, but happy chance meeting. (I wrote about the recent passing of Nicole’s father, Lionel Gauthier, at Family Friends Friday: Lionel Gauthier.)

Tired trio on return flight home
Selfie of a tired trio on return flight home

Now that I’m at home, I’m going through all the genealogical goodies I accumulated while back east. Let’s see, I’ve got scanned images of documents and photos, photocopies, photographs, family artifacts, letters, obituaries, funeral cards and newspaper articles, photo albums, souvenirs, purchases, recorded conversations and interviews, as well as material, including civil registrations, that I researched during the two days I spent at the Archives of Ontario. There was so much stuff that I ended up buying another suitcase to hold it all!

For the next few weeks, I’m going to be spending time sorting, cataloging, preserving and familiarizing myself with all these precious items, some of which will appear on my blog in due course.

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