Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary

Today, my husband Michael and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

Yvonne and Michael on their wedding day

We were married at Our Lady of Good Hope church on 5 August 1989 in the small town of Hope, British Columbia. Father Kevin Silke, o.m.i, an Irish-born priest, celebrated our wedding mass.

My parents gave me away, and I was attended by my sister Marianne, my sister-in-law Margaret, my brother Raymond and my brother-in-law Gabriel, as well as my niece Natalie and her brother Jason as flower girl and ring bearer, respectively.

It was a gloriously hot and sunny day. The ceremony went well, as did the photo taking at the photographer’s studio. We looked forward to joining our guests at the golf and country club and have our wedding supper.

Not long after we arrived, though, we found out that the air conditioning system had stopped working. During the meal, my mother brought me the bad news that someone left our beautiful wedding cake in a closed room where it partially melted. Later, just as we prepared to leave, we found out that the keys were locked in our car.

But never mind! We’re still here and still in love after all these years!

Copyright © 2014, Yvonne Demoskoff.


  1. Great picture of the happy event. It is too bad when those unexpected things happen during a once in a life time experience! The keys locked in the car really tops it all off though!

    1. It took awhile for us to find someone who would come out to help unlock our car, especially since it was late in the evening, but the fellow did and we were able to leave for our honeymoon. Thanks for commenting, Karen!

  2. Happy special anniversary and many more. All those glitches on your wedding day were annoying but also memorable--you can't forget them even after 25 years! My sis still talks about the waitress accidentally dumping a platter of cherries jubilee on her white wedding dress during the reception. Not so funny then, but funny now.

    1. Thanks very much, Marian! Those wedding day glitches were certainly memorable. Did your sister ever get her wedding dress cleaned, by the way?