Thursday, August 21, 2014

Treasure Chest Thursday: The Vase

Vase front
Front of vase

This beautiful vase came into my possession when I visited my aunt Darlene at her home in southern Ontario earlier in May. We were in the basement looking through her collection of photos and memorabilia, when she spotted the vase. She explained that she gave it to her mother (my paternal grandmother Julie) as a gift with the money she earned from her first job. My aunt didn’t tell me which job this was, where she worked, which year it was, or even how much she paid for it. (The vase was probably purchased in the mid-1950s.) In my excitement at seeing the vase and hearing that it once belonged to my beloved Mémère Julie, I never thought to ask my aunt about those details.

Vase back
Back of vase

Vase Specifications

Item: A two-handled, six-sided, multi-coloured tapered vase, decorated in a large floral pattern, accented with smaller, slightly embossed gold-colour flower petals, on an overall beige background. The back of the vase is decorated with a coordinating flower.

Size: The vase measures about 29 cm (11½”) tall, 21.6 cm (8½”) wide (at its widest point) and 15.2 cm (6”) deep (at its deepest point).

Weight: It weighs 865 grams (about 1.9 lbs).

Material: It is made of pottery, porcelain or plastic.

Condition: It’s in fairly good condition, with no nicks, scratches, chips or dents. There is light crazing over the matte surface. The vase’s colours are somewhat muted, but I’m not sure if that’s what they originally were, or if the passage of time has toned down their intensity.

Manufacturer: There are no markings that indicate a make or manufacturer, but there’s some indistinct text stamped on the bottom that might say “Made […]”.

The vase, safely packed in my suitcase, came home with me at the end of my vacation. It now sits on an end table in my living room.

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  1. Beautiful vase, Yvonne, and you'll always smile when you see it in your living room!

  2. Thanks so much for commenting, Marian!