Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sentimental Sunday: Uncle Leno

Leno Bozzer with his family

That’s my Aunt Jeanne d’arc, Mom’s youngest sister, in the above photo. She poses with my new uncle and step-cousins in our living room on Commercial Avenue in Timmins in December 1967. It was their first Christmas together, because Joan and Leno had married earlier that June. (See Wedding Wednesday: Bozzer – Desgroseilliers for my memories of that day.)

Tomorrow  February 23  marks the 30th anniversary of Uncle Leno’s passing. He was only 60 years old and was survived by my Aunt Joan and their children, my cousins Wayne, Suzanne, Kathy and Pamela.

Uncle Leno, a tall man, was a fine athlete and loved to play baseball. I remember going to one of his games at our town's municipal Hollinger Park when I was a teenager. I didn’t know much about the sport, so it was sort of difficult to follow, but it was fun to personally know one of the players. Uncle Leno also liked bocce. I can still see him playing the game in summertime with neighbors in the back lane behind his house, while Aunt Joan, Mom and I watched as we ate our dessert after supper. And I’ve never forgotten the time when, as manager of the Palace Theatre on Third Avenue, he let me in for free when he saw me in the lineup waiting to pay for the Saturday matinee.

Still remembering you, Uncle Leno, after all these years.

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