Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday’s Faces from the Past: 1967 Wedding Guests

Bozzer and Desgroseilliers wedding guests
Left to right: Richard Legault, Robert (Bob) Burdan, and René Legault

In June 1967, my maternal aunt Jeanne d’arc married Leno Bozzer at our parish church a block away from where my family lived in Timmins, Ontario. Out-of-town relatives arrived for the weekend as guests, including Mom and Jeanne d’arc’s sisters Simone and Madeleine.

Simone and Uncle Bob came from Sarnia in southwestern Ontario, while Madeleine, Uncle René and their eldest son Richard drove from Kirkland Lake (closer to Timmins in northeastern Ontario). Even though I was almost nine years old, I don’t remember them being in town. (I’ve already written about my memories of Joan and Leno’s wedding at Wedding Wednesday: Bozzer – Desgroseilliers.)

In the above photo, my cousin Richard and my uncles Bob and René are decorating somebody’s car in the driveway between our house (not seen on the left) on Commercial Avenue and our neighbor’s house (on the right of the fence).

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