Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday’s Faces from the Past: 1981 Royal Visit to Timmins

In the summer of 1981, Michael and I took a trip to Timmins, Ontario, to visit my sister and her young family. While there, the local newspaper announced that royalty was coming to town in early July, so I made plans to get a glimpse of the royal visitors.

HRH Princess Margaret in Timmins Ontario Canada
HRH Princess Margaret (centre)

On the afternoon of July 9th, Michael and I went downtown and claimed a viewing spot on the sidewalk across from City Hall. Soon, HRH Princess Margaret (younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II) and her daughter Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones arrived in an RCMP-chauffeured car. They were officially received by the Mayor Vic Powell, while a large crowd stood in the brilliant sunshine. Princess Margaret said a few words and then went inside to tour City Hall for a short time. When she and her daughter came back outside, they smiled and waved to the public before getting into their car. I think they also visited a local mine that afternoon.

Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones in Timmins Ontario Canada
Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones (centre)

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  1. How fun! I imagine that the royals' popularity was high then like it is now, that soon after Charles and Diana were married. Great pictures.

  2. Thanks, Brandy! I thought it was pretty exciting that a HRH visited my hometown and I'm glad that it coincided with my vacation there!