Sunday, January 31, 2016

FINALLY Get Organized! Jan 24th-31st 2016

Blogger DearMYRTLE wants to help genealogists get organized for 2016. She proposes a weekly set of tasks to help us achieve our goal. Ol’ Myrt explains that “Each week's post will feature options for paper and digitally-oriented genealogists, with an eye to the beginner and intermediate researcher.” If you want to participate in this year-long activity, read more about it at FINALLY Get Organized! 

First, a confession. I didn’t complete last week’s (Jan. 17-23) tasks. The first of two tasks was to “Transcribe every document you've collected on the first 4-four generations in your surname/maiden name binder.” I counted how many documents I had in those first four generations – there were 32 of them. I felt overwhelmed by the amount of work that would entail. So, I procrastinated, and by the end of the week, I hadn’t done any transcribing.

Here’s how I’ve completed the fourth week’s tasks.  

Task 1. “Volunteer at FamilySearch Indexing.”

I looked at what projects were available for Canada, and found five of them:

• Canada, British Columbia (Small Batches)—Victoria Times Newspaper Vitals, 1901–1939
• Canada, Manitoba—Probate Records, 1871–1930
• Canada, Ontario—County Marriage Registers, 1858–1869
• Canada, Ontario—District Marriages, 1801–1858
• Canada—Recensement de 1881 [Partie B]

I haven’t yet signed up as a volunteer indexer, but when I do, I’ll choose either the newspaper vitals or the 1881 census (in French).

Task 2. “Learn to browse the image collections at”


Task 3. “Create surname binders for yourself (if female) and your mother's maiden name, but leave them at that for the moment.”

A few years ago, I created a surname binder for my mother’s maiden name (Desgroseilliers), and more recently, I created one for my husband and I. (I also appear as a tab in my maiden surname binder.) Task done.

Task 4. “Update your genealogy program to include your siblings”.

I added my siblings (my sister and my brother) in my genealogy program (Family Tree Maker 2012) today. Task done.

Now that the first month of DearMYRTLE's organization checklists is over, I estimate that I've done about 75% of the work. I hope to improve that percentage with the February tasks!

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