Saturday, February 06, 2016

FINALLY Get Organized! 31 Jan-6 Feb 2016

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Blogger DearMYRTLE wants to help genealogists get organized for 2016. She proposes a weekly set of tasks to help us achieve our goal. Ol’ Myrt explains that “Each week's post will feature options for paper and digitally-oriented genealogists, with an eye to the beginner and intermediate researcher.” If you want to participate in this year-long activity, read more about it at FINALLY Get Organized!

Here’s how I’ve completed the fifth week’s tasks.

Task 1. “Label oversize tabbed 3-ring dividers as follows […]”.

This task has been done for some years when I first created a surname binder for my mother’s maiden name (Desgroseilliers).

Task 2. “Let's start talking what to do with collateral lines. Yes, those pesky siblings.”

My brother, who appears in my family’s (our parents) family group sheet, now has his own binder to reflect that he is married. My sister now also has a binder for her, her husband and their children. Task done.

Task 3. “It's much easier to keep track of a brother or sister who marry and subsequently have children using your genealogy management program.”

It’s been a long time since I first started keeping track of my ancestors’ siblings. I update the files whenever I find out someone has married, had children, or passed away. However, I’m not sure it’s such a good idea for me to create “additional binders for the married women” among these siblings. These married women belong to fairly large families (think French-Canadian, Roman Catholic families). I’d have more binders than I have actual physical space for them in my computer room, so for now, the married women are staying with their parents’ families instead of breaking out on their own.

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