Sunday, March 13, 2016

FINALLY Get Organized! 6th-12th Mar Checklist

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Blogger DearMYRTLE wants to help genealogists get organized for 2016. She proposes a weekly set of tasks to help us achieve our goal. Ol’ Myrt explains that “Each week's post will feature options for paper and digitally-oriented genealogists, with an eye to the beginner and intermediate researcher.” If you want to participate in this year-long activity, read more about it at FINALLY Get Organized!

I'm a bit late posting this past week's tasks, and I haven't completed the previous (Feb. 28-5 Mar.) tasks due to some distractions. Hopefully the rest of this month will be quieter.

Here’s how I’ve completed this week’s tasks.

Task 1. “Enter the names as you know them for the wives of the first four generations in your family tree.”

Task done with the help of birth/baptism and/or marriage records for my mother, my grandmother (Julie Vanasse), my great-grandmother (Angélina Meunier), and my great-great-grandmother (Angélique Lalonde) in my patrilineal line.

Task 2. “If you have the names for the spouses of your ancestor's brothers and sisters, go ahead and enter their names as you understand them.”

Task also done.

Task 3. “Gather with other local genealogists.”

Hope used to have a genealogy club that I attended from its inception until it folded a few years ago. It was ably run and there were 20+ names on the attendance list. We met once a month, invited speakers, and went on field trips. Although I don’t currently belong to a local society or even one in a nearby community (the closest one is an hour west of where I live), I meet with a couple of women from town three or four times a year in an informal setting to talk about genealogy.

Task 4. “Join an interactive DearMYRTLE hangout.”

Easy task and one that I look forward to weekly with “Mondays with Myrt”!

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