Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday’s Faces from the Past: My Easter Outfit

Yvonne Belair

I’m standing in the front yard of my home on Commercial Avenue in Timmins, Ontario. When I was a little girl, Mom made sure that my sister and I were always dressed in new clothes to celebrate Easter.

This black-and-white photo is dated “JUL 61” [July 1961]. When Mom put together an album for me some years later, she wrote “My Easter Outfit” 2 yrs.” as the caption. When I re-discovered this album as a teenager, I corrected my age to “3”.

As I prepared this article for my blog, it occurred to me there was something not quite right with the picture. Was it really taken at Easter (there should have been snow on the ground at this time of the year in Timmins) or on another occasion?

I checked online at “Historical Climate Data” to find out what the weather was like on Easter Sunday, which fell on April 2nd. I learned Timmins had blowing snow that day and the temperature at noon was -7.2 Celsius, with a wind chill factor of -16 Celsius.

So, the above photo couldn’t have been taken on Easter. It’s looking more likely that Mom dressed me in my Easter finery on another occasion, possibly for my third birthday that July.

This picture might not have been taken on Easter Sunday, because of the weather, but I love that I’m wearing “My Easter Outfit” and that Mom splashed out on a new outfit for me.

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