Friday, March 18, 2016

My Birth Registration Has Arrived

Last month, while working on the February 7 to 13th week of FINALLY Get Organized!, I mentioned that I didn’t have a copy of my birth registration. I already have my birth certificate (short form) and my baptism record, but I was curious to see what my birth registration looked like.

I ordered it online (at a cost of $35 CDN) on February 23rd from Service Ontario, a Government of Ontario website. The expected delivery date was 15 business days, but I received the paperwork 6 business days later on March 2nd.

After opening the envelope, I quickly examined the document. I then took my time to read each item to make sure I wouldn’t miss anything. I noticed my birth was registered when I was eight days old, both my parents were present at the registration, but Mom signed the form, and there’s at least three styles of handwriting (Mom’s, Dad’s, and presumably a municipal clerk). Other details included my parents’ address, their respective occupations (Dad was a welder and Mom was a housewife), and the name of the doctor in attendance. [1]

To see what information is potentially available in a “statement of birth” from the Province of Ontario, here’s a chart comparing the various fields in my birth registration record (in 1958) to those in my birth certificate (issued in 1979).

Thanks to my birth registration record, I now know a lot more about my birth. Another bonus – this time genealogical – is I feel I’ve met the first GPS (Genealogical Proof Standard) component of having done “reasonably exhaustive research”, because I’ve examined “all potentially relevant sources” concerning my birth. [2]

Ordering my birth registration record was money well spent!


1. Province of Ontario, statement of birth 088158 (1958), Yvonne Joan Belair; Office of the Registrar General, Ontario, Canada.

2. Board for Certification of Genealogists, Genealogy Standards, 50th anniversary edition (Nashville, Tennessee:, 2014), 2.

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