Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – What Were You Doing in 1995?

It’s Saturday, and Randy over at Genea-Musings has issued his weekly challenge to his readers.

Tonight’s challenge is: “What were you doing in 1995?”

It’s been awhile since I participated in SNGF, so it’s time to remedy that situation.

Randy asks:
“1) Do you recall what you were doing in 1995? Family, school, work, hobbies, technology, genealogy, vacations, etc?” and 
“2) Tell us in a blog post of your own, in a comment on this blog, or in a Facebook or Google+ post.”

Here’s what I did in 1995.


My sister Marianne stayed with us for three weeks in July. I don’t remember much about what we did, but I know we went to Vancouver one day to see the Andy Wharhol exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery and had lunch at the nearby Hard Rock Café.

The next month, my aunts Madeleine and Simone came on their (nearly) yearly vacation to see Mom. On August 30th, I hosted supper at home for Mom and Aunt Simone since it was their birthday. (They were born on the same day three years apart.) It was rare for them to be together on their birthday as adults, so I wanted to make sure this one was special.


Our three-year-old son Nicholas was a big fan of everything “Thomas the Tank Engine” (TTTE). He used to play on the floor with his little character engines on wooden tracks until I asked my husband to make a play table for him. The table was finished at the end of March. It was at the right height for Nicholas and gave him many hours of fun.


One afternoon in April while playing at my parents’ home in town, Nicholas ran into a wall while running between the dining room and kitchen. He cut his forehead, so we took him to the hospital’s emergency department. It took both the doctor and a nurse to hold Nicholas firmly in place since he was crying loudly in protest. The stitches came out a few days later and Nicholas was left with a scar. It isn’t visible today unless he parts his hair just right.


In early November, a major rock and mud slide came down at 3:00 a.m. on the Trans-Canada Highway #1, not far from home. The extensive slide covered a large portion of the highway west to our suburb and north down the road towards town. It also destroyed Ryan’s Restaurant located at the base of the mountain. Michael, Nicholas and I drove to see the damage that morning, but couldn’t get far, because of how much mud blocked the road. Nicholas wore his little rain boots, but I wasn’t as sensible and ruined my suede lace-up shoes.

Also in November, Michael and I went to the Silent Auction, our hospital’s fundraiser. We bid successfully on a two-wheel child’s bicycle for Nicholas. It didn’t occur to us that he was still too young (at three years old) to ride it and would have to wait at least a couple of years.


Michael travelled to Vancouver three times during the year for work-related training courses – three days each in June, October, and November. I accompanied him once (in June), while Nicholas was cared for by my Mom and Dad.

In late July, Michael’s work truck that was parked on the street in front of our house was broken into by two local youths. A neighbor’s son and his friend saw it happen (it was about midnight) and rushed over to our house to raise the alarm. The young boys stole Michael’s work laptop and some tools. They were caught that same night and everything was recovered.

Short Vacations:

In late May, Michael, our son and I spent a weekend in Bellingham, Washington. It’s an easy drive there, about 1½ hours. We shopped at the large mall (Bellis Fair) and bought some TTTE accessories for Nicholas at a hobby store.

We also spent time in Vancouver on four occasions: in June, we attended the annual Children’s Festival at Vanier Park, toured the new Vancouver Public Library, and enjoyed an afternoon at Burnaby Central Railway where we rode on the miniature train. That August, we celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary and saw Portugal’s entry in the Symphony of Fire celebration. In October, we attended the Parents & Kids’ Show held at the Pan Pacific Hotel.

How did you spend your 1995?

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  1. You have a much better memory than I do lol.

  2. Thanks, Ellie! It helps that I kept my 'kitchen' calendars to jog my memory of that year :)