Sunday, April 17, 2016

Church Record Sunday: Raymond’s 1982 Sacrament of Confirmation

My brother Raymond received the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation on 18 April 1982.

Raymond Belair with his uncle Ray Belair

My boyfriend (now husband) Michael and I were present, as well as my uncle Ray Belair. Ray, Dad’s brother, was honorary godfather, because Raymond’s baptism godfather couldn’t attend. My parents also couldn’t be with us, because they had left two days earlier for southern Ontario to be with Mom’s sister Simone, whose son Bobby died recently in a vehicle accident.

For his Confirmation, Raymond took the additional saint’s name Gabriel as a tribute to his brother-in-law Gabriel, our sister’s husband.

Bishop Sabatini administered the Sacrament during Sunday Mass in our local parish church of Our Lady of Good Hope.

Raymond Belair's Confirmation certificate

This lovely Confirmation certificate (above) marked the special day. (The original measures 27 cm x 18 cm or about 10.5" x 7".)

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