Thursday, April 21, 2016

Four Generations x 2

Yesterday’s release of the four-generations photo of Queen Elizabeth II with her son, grandson and great-grandson to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday reminded me of when there were four generations in my family.

Fred Belair in a four generation photo

The above photo was taken in July 1981. My sister Marianne was here in British Columbia with her three-month-old son Jason and our 91½ year old grandfather Fred. A visit like this one didn’t happen too often, since the three of them lived in Ontario, so we made sure to record the occasion. Dad (centre) is dressed in his work clothes, so he must have been trucking that day.

Jacqueline Belair in a four generation photo

The second photo was taken twenty-five years later in February 2006. My nephew was now the proud father of a son, Jonathan, who was baptised when he was three-month-old. After the ceremony, we gathered at my sister’s place for a family luncheon. Jonathan is in the arms of his great-grandmother (my Mom Jacqueline), while his father Jason and his grandmother (my sister Marianne) are beside them.

Copyright © 2016, Yvonne Demoskoff.


  1. Jonathan looks very much like his dad did at that age! Wonderful photos.

    1. Goodness, I hadn't noticed that about them, Marian! Thanks for letting me know :)