Saturday, May 05, 2018

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Recall a Summer Day When You Were 12

It’s Saturday and Randy at Genea-Musings has issued his weekly challenge to his readers.

Randy asks, “Remember when you were 12 years old? On a summer day out of school? What memory do you have of fun activities?”

What fun memories do I have of the summer I was 12 years old?

Let’s see… 

It’s hard to remember one day in particular, but I recall some events of the summer of 1970.

I had just finished Grade 6 at St-Charles elementary school. I was glad to be on vacation for the next two months, but felt a little sad knowing that I wouldn’t return there in September. (St-Charles was a Grades 2-6 school, so those of us moving up to grade 7 would be assigned to a new school that accommodated grades 7 and 8.)

My brother Raymond was 2-3 months old (he was born earlier in May). The whole family was still getting used to this new addition and my sister Marianne and I loved having a brother after being the only girls in the family.

At the end of July, I celebrated my 12th birthday. Marianne and our cousin Pauline spent the day with me. Mom made a chocolate birthday cake (my absolute favorite) and I got a few gifts, including a drawing set (I think it was called “Fashion Plates”), a fiction book (probably a Nancy Drew), and some money. The next day, I opened my first bank account with that money.

In July and August, I anxiously waited for a letter from the school board that would let me know which school I would attend that September. I can still see myself checking the front door every day to make sure I’d see the postal carrier as soon as he stepped up to our house. When the letter finally arrived (I think it was mid-August), I was shocked to read that my new school was not St-Gérard like I expected, but Don Bosco. I was really disappointed, because not only would I be going to a school located in the northwest part of town far from where I lived, I also wouldn’t be with my friends, who were going to St-Gérard in the southeast end of town. I begged Mom to call the school board and make them change schools, which it did, to my great relief.

About the same time I got the school board letter, my family (including baby Raymond), my cousin Pauline (she often came with us on outings), and a few others spent an afternoon at Green Lake, one of the many lakes that make up Kettle Lakes Provincial Park, about 40 minutes east of Timmins. I don’t recall that day, but I know it was special, because my Mom and Dad rarely took us to the lake.

That’s about all I remember of the summer of 1970, but it was good to get those memories down on paper, so to speak. Thanks for another great mission, Randy!

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