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Fred Belair on his 100th birthday

In 2014, I decided to round up all the blog articles I’d been writing about my paternal grandfather Fred Belair (1889-1991). The linked titles to these articles are placed here on this “ancestor landing page”. (Thanks to Caroline M. Pointer at for suggesting ancestor landing pages.)

2012 articles

Amanuensis Monday: Fred Belair’s Postcard

Wordless Wednesday: Belair family on a summer day 

Sentimental Sunday: Fred and Julie Belair

Sepia Saturday: 3 November 2012

Tombstone Tuesday: Fred and Julie Belair

Wordless Wednesday: Belair Gathering 1975

12 Genealogical Mysteries I’d Like to Solve

In Memoriam: Fred Belair

2013 articles

Matrilineal Monday: Fred Belair

Sunday’s Obituary: Fred Belair

Ottawa City Directories

Amanuensis Monday: In the Matter of …

Workday Wednesday: Fred Belair, Michigan Bound

Lives Well Lived: My Longest-Lived Ancestors

Ottawa’s Parliament Hill – Who Owned It?

Friday Photo: Father and Children

Church Record Sunday: Fred Belair’s Baptism Record

2014 articles

52 Ancestors (2014): #2 Fred Belair

My Patrilineal Ancestry

Wordless Wednesday: Father and Son

Census Sunday: The Belair Family and the 1891 Census

Workday Wednesday: The Bridge Accident

Do you know where your grandparents were born?

Wordless Wednesday: Fred and his children

2015 articles

Wedding Wednesday: Belair – Murphy

52 Ancestors (2015): #49 Fred and Marianne’s December birthdays

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  1. Just having found your site I am in awe! We share one ancestor, Olivier Charbonneau (with 35,000 others!) which is what brought me here to begin with. I am an armchair genealogist, doing most of my research right here on my I pad and the Internet, although I have ventured to a few cemeteries in the Ottawa/Russell area and plan to visit many in Quebec this summer.
    My question is, where do you find so many facts and details about your ancestors? I would like to take up your challenge but honestly don't know where to begin. I can name 400 or so ancestors from my tree, and had the pleasure to meet 25 or so near relatives who are no longer with us. But for anyone else, I am not sure to be able to find details like yours! So any advice you wish to share would be heartily embraced!
    Dianne Suarez