• Beauvais (Bouvet)
  • Belair (Janvry)
  • Bray
  • Caillé
  • Coderre
  • Deschatelets
  • Desgroseilliers
  • Drouin
  • Durgey (Doyer)
  • Frappier
  • Gagnon
  • Guérard
  • Hotte
  • Huot
  • Lacasse
  • Lalonde
  • Laronde
  • Larose
  • Lemieux
  • Lepage
  • Léveillé
  • Messier
  • Meunier
  • Moquin
  • Neveu
  • Poirier (Desloges)
  • Racette
  • St-Michel
  • Sigouin
  • Vanasse
My husband's:  
  • Cazakoff
  • Demoskoff (Demosky) 
  • Poznekoff
  • Tomelin


  1. Just found my way here from Elizabeth Lapointe's blog. I too can trace my french roots back to New France, I see several overlapping names on your list. And my husband is also Russian although I haven't even begun his tree (I'd like to be able to read Russian first). When I do I'll be looking to your blog for tips!

    1. You'll have to let me know me which surnames those are, Callie; we just might be related! I don't read Russian, either, but my husband remembers a bit from his childhood, so that's helpful.

    2. greatings from washington state. i found your website quite.interesting. i too am a decendent from zacharie cloutier and xainte dupont through their elder daughter ANNE. ANNE CLOUTIER married robert drouin (his 1st wife) and i'm from their daughter jeanne drouin. i also have lineage from toussaint raymond dit passe-campagne. you'd be interested in knowing you're also related to madonna, celine dion and camilla (dutchess of cornwall). they all decended through zacharie cloutier (1617-1708) which is zacharie and xainte dupont eldest son. ANDREW S.

  2. Hello, I think we may have relations. My Vanasse side goes back to Canada and France.

    Furthest I have is from Normandy, Barbe Monsel & Paul Vanasse son Francois who left France for New France in 1600s. Just looking to connect and swap info you may have that I may not and vice versa.