Friday, December 20, 2013

Funeral Card Friday: Cecilia (Brazeau) Caron

Cecilia Brazeau Caron
Front of card

This funeral card is in memory of Cécilia Brazeau, épouse bien-aimée (beloved wife) of Michel Caron, who died on 25 December 1956. The card measures 10 cm x 5.5. cm (approximately 3¾” x 2¼”).

Back of card

I received this card with family memorabilia either from my Aunt Darlene or my Aunt Joan in the 1980s or 1990s.

I don’t know if or how Cécilia is related to my family, but from basic research I did, she might have been someone who knew my grandparents Fred and Julie (Vanasse) Belair when they lived in northeastern Ontario during the 1940s and 1950s.

Cécilia, born about 1881, was the daughter of Léon and Célina (Gauthier) Brazeau. She married on 22 June 1903 in Notre-Dame-du-Laüs, Labelle County, Quebec, Michel Caron, son of Paul and Zoe (Gauthier) Caron.

Cécilia and Michel had at least six children: three sons (Domina, Emilien and Gérard) and three daughters (Marie-Emilia, Sonia and Yvette). The family lived in the township of Montjoy and next door in Timmins, Ontario from about 1937 through the 1950s.

After Cécilia’s death, presumably in Timmins, Michel lived there with his daughter Yvette and her husband Aldéric Lafontaine.

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog while searching my Grandfather Emile Caron son of Michel Caron.
    I know very little of my ancestors but I can share with you recent history of the Caron Family in Timmins.

    1. Thanks for the offer, Ritchie. You can reach me at

  2. Would you know any info on the late Simone harvey (née Caron) married to the late Frederick harvey?

    1. I'm sorry that I can't be of help, because I don't know anything about Simone or Frederick.


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