Friday, August 07, 2015

Friday’s Faces from the Past: Desgroseilliers Visitors

Lucille and Ovila Desgroseilliers in August 1990
Lucille and Ovila Desgroseilliers

Mom’s relatives Ovila and Lucille (Potvin) Desgroseilliers and Florence (Renaud) (Desgroseilliers) Labelle visited our home in Hope, British Columbia in the summer of 1990. Ovila was a younger brother of Mom’s father Eugène Desgroseilliers, while Florence was the widow of Eugène’s youngest brother Joseph.

Florence Renaud Desgroseilliers in August 1990
Florence Labelle

They spent two days with us before they went on to visit Florence’s son Albert in Vancouver.

The pictures were taken in our living room on 4 August 1990.

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