Saturday, March 31, 2018

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Which Ancestors Were Born on This Date?

It’s Saturday and Randy at Genea-Musings has issued his weekly challenge to his readers.

Randy asks: “Which of your ancestors were born on this day, 31 March 2018? How can you find out? Tell us how you did it.” He adds that if we “don’t have an ancestor born on this date, then select another date in March and list those.” Last, we are encouraged to “Share your findings in your own blog post, or in comments on this blog post, on Facebook or Google+.”

Here’s how I did:

1. I searched my Microsoft Word document “Ancestors of Yvonne Belair”, which contains over 18 generations of my ancestry. I did a “Control F”, entered “31 Mar”, and then clicked “Enter”. I was sure I’d find an ancestor born on this date, but I didn’t.

2. I selected another date in March – March 30th – and repeated the search. Success! I found the following two ancestors:

• Marie-Anne Brunet (1700-1770). Marie-Anne was born on 30 March 1700 in Lachenaie in the present-day province of Quebec. She was a younger daughter of François Brunet dit Belhumeur, a militia lieutenant, and his wife Anne Ménard. Marie-Anne (also known as Anne) married François Simon dit Délorme in 1727. The couple had three sons and eight daughters. Marie-Anne died on 21 March 1770 and buried two days later in Montreal. I descend from her eldest surviving daughter, a twin, Marie Angélique Simon (1728-1803), on my mother’s side.

• Joseph-Marie Longtin dit Jérôme (1727-1801). Born on 30 March 1727 in LaPrairie in the present-day province of Quebec, Joseph-Marie was one of thirteen children born to Michel Longtin dit Jérôme and his wife Marie-Charlotte Bertrand. In 1754, Joseph-Marie married Marie Josephe Lamarque dite Sansoucy and like his father, had a large family – fifteen children. He died on 19 July 1801 and buried two days later in St-Constant. I descend from his fifth child, Louis Charles Longtin (1760-1813), on my mother’s side.

3. I’ve shared my findings in this blog post!

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