Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday’s Child: Baby Boy Desgroseilliers

Maurice and Jacqueline Belair with their godson
Maurice and Jacqueline Belair with their godson

I don’t know the name of this child, and I don't know if a photo of his gravestone exists.

Baby boy Desgroseilliers was born in the late 1950s or early 1960s, and died when very young.

His parents Jean-Paul and Fleur-Ange (Dupuis) Desgroseilliers lived in Timmins, where my parents lived.

Jean-Paul asked my mom Jacqueline, his cousin, and my dad Maurice to be his son’s godparents.

The baptism took place at St-Antoine cathedral in Timmins, and afterwards, Mom and Dad were photographed with their godson.

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  1. Hello Yvonne, it’s so strange to accidentally come across this post.
    That little boy was my brother, his name was Pierre. He died from complications of cystic fibrosis. I remember his funeral, I was very young, maybe 4-5 years old. My name is Odile, I’m the oldest of our family.
    Mom never got over this experience.

    1. Hi Odile. I'm so glad you found this post and told me aobut your brother. Would you get in touch with me at my email address