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Sunday’s Obituary: John G. Cazakoff

John Cazakoff obituary
John G. Cazakoff obituary, 1986

My husband’s maternal uncle John Cazakoff passed away 28 years ago on 5 February 1986 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

John was the second child, but eldest surviving son of his parents George and Polly (Poznekoff) Cazakoff, Doukhobor immigrants from Russia. He was born on 30 July 1909 in Simeonovka (aka Semenovo), a Doukhobor village near Arran, Saskatchewan.

In the late fall of 1930, John married Anastasia (Nellie) Dutoff, who was also born in Simeonovka. The couple, who had three children, Jack, Joe and Mabel, lived in eastern Saskatchewan, where they farmed. Later on, John and his family moved to nearby Benito, Manitoba.

I had the chance to meet Uncle John and his wife Nellie when they visited British Columbia during the 1980s. He was a genial, well-mannered and hospitable man.

After a Doukhobor funeral in Kamsack, Saskatchewan, John was laid to rest there on 10 February 1986 in Riverview Cemetery.


“Cazakoff”, obituary, undated clipping, from unidentified newspaper; privately held by Edna (Arishenkoff) Cazakoff, British Columbia, 2011. Edna, who was John’s sister-in-law, allowed her nephew Michael Demoskoff to scan the obituary during a visit to her home in January 2011.

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  1. How wonderful and interesting to have been able to actually meet him!

    1. I feel fortunate to have met some of my husband's relatives and to have talked to them about their heritage. First-person accounts are so important in genealogy :)