Saturday, August 02, 2014

Sibling Saturday: Maurice Belair, the eldest of six

Maurice Belair
Maurice in early 1928

Today – August 2 – would have been my father’s 87th birthday. He passed away 18 years ago, but his family does not forget him, and later today we will spend time remembering him when we visit his grave.

Dad was the eldest of his parents Fred and Julie’s six children. Dad and his little sister who died at birth were born in Ottawa, where my grandparents married in October 1926. The next two children, Joan and Ray, were born in Montreal, Quebec, where my grandfather Fred was an ironworker. After my grandparents settled in northern Ontario in the mid-1930s, their fifth child Darlene was born at the hospital in Cochrane. The last child, a little boy named Joseph, was born at home in Fauquier, but he lived only one hour.

My aunts and uncles in birth order:

• Maurice, born 2 August 1927, died 6 May 1996

• An unnamed daughter, born and died 29 June 1928

• Jeanne (Joan), born 1 September 1929

• Raymond (Ray), born 19 January 1931

• Darlene, born 18 October 1935

• Joseph, born and died 31 January 1937

Maurice Belair with his sister Joan and their cousin Lucille
Maurice (right) with his baby sister Joan and their cousin Lucille (left), 1930

Maurice Belair with his siblings and young cousins
Dad (centre) with his brother and sisters and their young cousins, about 1941

Maurice with his mother and sister and brother
Dad (centre) with his mother Julie and his brother Ray and sister Darlene, about 1943

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