Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday’s Faces from the Past: Eugene Desgroseilliers with his brother and niece

Eugene Desgroseilliers with his brother Donat and their niece Lina

Eugène Desgroseilliers (centre) with his brother Donat and their niece Lina, 
about 1955-1957

I love finding photographs that shows my maternal grandfather Eugène Desgroseilliers. I first saw this picture when my Mom’s older sister Madeleine gave it to me in October 2011. Aunt Madeleine was on vacation in British Columbia that year and brought with her an envelope filled with pictures and other memorabilia that she gathered for me.

Two people are identified in the photo, because someone (it’s not Aunt Madeleine’s handwriting, which I recognize) wrote on the back of it:

Oncle Donat & Oncle Ovila’s daughter “Lina”

Whoever wrote these names forgot to add Eugène’s. There are no other details on the back or front of the picture like when and where it was taken. I think it dates to 1955 or 1956, since Lina looks about 3 or 4 years old. Donat and Ovila (not shown in the picture) are Eugène’s younger brothers, while Lina is his niece. The trio presumably posed at a relative’s home in Sturgeon Falls or Bonfield, near North Bay, Ontario. Alternatively, the picture was taken in August 1957, when Eugène travelled from Sarnia to Sturgeon Falls for his brother Joseph’s funeral.

Can any of my Desgroseilliers cousins fill in the blanks for this photo?

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